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Our reviews

Dejan Hajra

My absolute favorite beauty salon. The boss is very nice. The employees do a very good and orderly job. And the prices are absolutely unbeatable. I have been here quite often and have been exited every time. The eyebrow correction and the haircuts are simply of the highest quality and fully meet my requirements.

I will come back.
Love greetings.



Little Things Make Big Things Happen. Every detail is taken into account in the “Charodejka” salon – convenient location, friendly staff, quality materials, modern technology. Besides very affordable prices!


Valeria Alexandrovna

Made an elongated caret and coloring. Thanks for the work! Excellent result! I was very pleased.


Tanya M.

After visiting salon “Charodejka”, I realized that you can and should fight with age. This salon has everything you need. It is convenient to get there, there are a lot of procedures – for every taste and budget, girls are friendly, they will tell and show everything. With them I became younger not only in my soul, but also in my body!



Thank you very much for bringing me to my sister’s wedding and making me a real beauty. I received a lot of compliments) I will contact more often.


Julia K.

Girls you are real fairies! Thank you for your work and our beauty! Professionals of the highest category) You always feel the image and what the client needs))


Anya Demyanenko

Parents advised your salon and you know, I was amazed. Nice atmosphere. As if the princesses were gathering for the ball) Super, thanks for such emotions! Pleased for the holiday!



Salon – super! Masters are super professionals! They know their work and enjoy the fact that they make their guests beautiful. Just a big thanks! It’s nice to watch your growth, your work and attitude towards everything and everyone.


Ksenya B.

Thank you for the good work and for the beautiful me! Always make me happy with your smart bold ideas. I love this attitude to work, when the master offers something, they advise. I love to change, I love new images and you always help me with this! Many thanks 🙂


We greatly appreciate each of our guests. It is important for us that, being in our Salon, you relax in a cozy atmosphere and enjoy. You will always be offered tea and brewed aromatic coffee, as a compliment from “Charodejka” Salon. You can order food and it will be delivered to the Salon.